Coweta County Suicide Awareness & Prevention Walk


To impact any cause, you have to educate yourself about what the crisis really looks like.  This gives you the ability to speak it with authority and confidence and help others to see why we have to act.

In 2013, 41,149 people across our nation died by suicide; 1204 of those were Georgians.  Thousands more attempt each year.  90% of all those who take their life each year have a diagnosable mental health issue.  60% of those suffer with depression, and 50 - 75 receive no treatment or are under treated.  Every population is at risk.  But the stigma of seeking help for a mental health issue keeps people from finding supportive resources. 

The World Health Organization states that Depression is the #1 Disability in the World.  And if we don't change how we are supporting, treating, behaving around it, Depression will be come the 2nd leading cause of death by 2020.

Visit to learn more about suicide prevention, intervention and aftercare in our nation and in our state.  Join their broadcast network! 


SPAN-GA is the leading statewide non-profit organization in Georgia focused on suicide prevention, intervention and postvention education, awareness, advocacy; and the development of survivor services and support for families, teens and children who have experienced a loss of a loved one to suicide. 100% of funds raised stays in our Georgia communities and brings activities and support to local communities statewide.  Their work includes:

  • Camp SOS- A healing family camp created and established by SPAN-GA: A loss by suicide forever changes lives, but having access to tools that support the journey can help.  Camp SOS gives survivors support to help them travel this journey in a safe, supported environment.  Camp SOS was started 4 years ago and it has become such a wonderful resource for survivor families, helping them way after they leave camp!
  • Purple Survivor Packet Distribution - The Purple Packets were developed by SPAN-GA in 2009 as a resource for survivor families and packaged them in a way that could be distributed through funeral homes, law enforcement, hospitals, churches, and with coordinated efforts by our community coalitions, giving us the ability to put resources in the hands of new survivor families very quickly.  In 2013/2014, they distributed over 10,000 purple packets. 
  • SOS Group Facilitator Training - SPAN-GA has played a significant role in the ongoing development of survivor resources.  Each year they sponsor the SOS Group Facilitation training and provides ongoing support and resources to sustain these groups in communities all across our state. 
  • Statewide Suicide Prevention Coalition BuildingIn collaboration with the Suicide Prevention Program support the development and maintaining of Suicide Prevention Coalitions throughout the state including bringing training and education opportunities to the areas where we have active coalitions.
  • GSPIN - Georgia's Suicide Prevention Information Network - SPAN-GA conceptualized, designed, developed and maintains a statewide web-based resource for Georgia. 
  • CIT - Working with NAMI GA to train Law Enforcement Officers throughout Georgia, SPAN-GA designed a program for Suicide Prevention, Intervention, Aftercare and Self Care to be included in the Nationwide CIT (Crisis Intervention Team) Training as suicide is the leading cause of death for this population.
  • Suicide Prevention Day at the Capitol - Advocating for funding and legislative priorities for suicide prevention, intervention and aftercareSPAN-GA has held 13 Annual Suicide Prevention Day's at the Capitol, and was funded to create our State Suicide Prevention Plan in 2000. 
  • Faces of Suicide Quilts - SPAN-GA took over as quilt organizers in Georgia shortly after we lost Sandy Martin in 2006.  And although there are other groups now who build quilts, we are the organizers of the Georgia traveling quilts.  Our quilts are displayed, shared, lent and we have even built quilts for groups and organizations around Georgia. The importance of the quilts is to create awareness of the crisis of suicide and we work hard to ensure that they are available to be at events statewide.
  • Among so many collaborative partnerships, community support/assistance, and other community education and awareness activities and events!  Much of this work is supported by DBHDD's Suicide Prevention Program and SPAN-GA works closely with the program to grow the work and maintain alliance with the Suicide Prevention Program.

SPAN-GA Brochure

You can find more information about SPAN-GA at, and also check out and join the broadcast network to stay in the know about all things suicide prevention, intervention and aftercare in Georgia!



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