Coweta County Suicide Awareness & Prevention Walk

As you develop your plan for fundraising, keep in mind that the following Walker Bonuses are available as you reach certain fundraising bonus points!

For individual walkers:

Once your fundraising total reaches $50 you are eligible* for a Coweta County Walk T-shirt.  We have already asked for your t-shirt size during the registration process and if you meet your $50 fundraising goal by September 1, 2017 we will have a t-shirt for you in your size at Walk Registration!

Once your fundraising total reaches $200, you are also eligible for a "LOVE LIGHTS THE PATH TO HOPE" Sign. This goal needs to be reached by September 1st so that the sign can be created and printed.  

The "Love Lights the Path to Hope" Sign is a special recognition for those participants who choose to make a difference by making and achieving a higher fundraising goal!    

The signs offer recognition for how the LOVE of each Family, through their efforts in suicide awareness and prevention - Lights the Path to Hope - for so many others struggling with mental health issues or with the pain of a loss by suicide. 

Their dedication is TRULY a LIGHT for others!!  They are an inspiration to keep moving forward on the Path, and know that this work is saving lives!


"LOVE LIGHTS THE PATH TO HOPE" SIGN:  This sign will be designed and printed, and will be placed along the walk path on the day of the walk. There are two options for how your sign can be designed:

A.  FAMILY Format - You can take a picture of your entire family (whoever you chose that to be) holding a large frame (doesn't matter what's in the frame). And then send us the photo as well as a picture (head shot) of your loved one.  This format requires that the picture be a head shot or a close up photo. 

We will photo shop your loved ones photo into the frame that the family is holding. We can help you choose your photos.


There are some guidelines that we

have created for ease of making this type of sign.

Download Instructions Here






B.  LOVED ONE Format - You can send us a picture of your loved one and we will frame it like the sample.  Please include your loved one's name and dates.   Any photo will work for this format.

Once your fundraising total reaches $350 you are eligible for a Coweta County Walk HOODIE!!

(The deadline for this goal is September 1st so that we can have these bonuses ready for you at the walk. )


"The time is always right to do what is right."
— Martin Luther King Jr.
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